ICESAFE Pro: Carburettor Ice Warning & Protection System

ICESAFE Pro™ is a carburettor ice warning and protection system. It is designed to aid ice prevention and to improve environmental awareness of the pilot – thereby enhancing the safety of aircraft. Every year carburettor icing is assessed to be the contributing factor in several accidents, including some fatalities. Ice formation is subtle and can occur even in warm conditions. It is often not identified in time due to a lack of knowledge or inexperience of the pilot. ICESAFE Pro™ uses precision sensor technology to continuously monitor the atmosphere. An advanced algorithm then gives an indication of the likelihood and severity of ice formation. ICESAFE Pro™ also provides the facility to automatically switch on carb-heat (if available) to arrest the problem. This automatic control feature can be disabled or overridden at any time by the pilot.

You can buy ICESAFE Pro Carburettor Ice Warning and Protection System directly from us.

  • Real-time warning of icing conditions
  • Automatic Carb-heat control* with override facility
  • 30A switching capability
  • Intuitive, single LED traffic light indicator
  • Lightweight, robust design
  • 8V – 35V input range
  • Low power consumption

* Electrical Carb heater required

  • Response time 5s
  • Maximum cable length 4m
  • Minimum heater on time 5 min
  • Switching capability 30A
  • Visual indicator 10mm multi-colour
  • LED Supply voltage 8V – 35V (0.5W)
  • Override switch SPST
  • Operating limits -40 ºC to 85 ºC / 0 – 100% RH
  • Dimensions 55mm x 42mm x 27mm
  • Weight 50g